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South Carolina Recycling Legislation Day

A pre-event webinar will take place on February 23rd at 2 pm ET hosted by the Southeast Recycling Development Council to provide an orientation for Recycling Day at the South Carolina Legislature on March 1st, 2017. You can log into the meeting with a special link and phone number provided upon registration to learn more about what to expect during the day's planned activities at the Statehouse.

Recycling Day at the Legislature is a special time designated for attention and focus on recycling, waste reduction, and related topics. Members of the industry, including businesses, non-profits, and individuals, will have the chance to meet with their legislators to discuss interests and issues that matter most, both before and after a luncheon program at the State Capital.

    Interactive Southeast Mapping Tool updated

    In a new 2016 study, SERDC determined that over 350 key Southeastern manufacturers look to recycled feedstock to develop new consumer goods.  

    When communities invest in local recycling collection programs, they’re supporting regional manufacturers who depend on recycled plastic, glass, metal, and paper to make new consumer goods.  

    These manufacturers collectively support more than 98,000 jobs and see a sales volume towering more than $40 billion.

    This new mapping tool allows user to view by locations across that southeast, sort by commodity, manufactured product, sales or employees and filter by state. The tool provides resources for contacting the mapped locations as wel

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    Alabama Recycling Partnership Report

    The Alabama Recycling Partnership (ARP) was established to assess the economic impact that recycling has in the state of Alabama.

    ARP has worked with the SERDC-led team to produce:

    • A report on recycling best management practices customized for needs in Alabama, 
    • An economic impact analysis of the recycling industry in Alabama, 
    • A measurement of the impact that the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) grant program has had on material recovery and how that feeds job growth, economic impact and environmental impact, 
    • A design for intentional locations for a hub and spoke system to service the state’s processing needs.

    Don't Waste Food SC

    Following the SERDC Food Recovery Summit, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control along with the S.C. Department of Commerce have launched the Don't Waste Food S.C. campaign – a collaborative campaign that is actively bringing together partners from across the public and private sector to help reduce food waste in the state. The campaign is designed to increase awareness of the economic, environmental and social impacts of food waste through outreach, education and technical assistance centered on prevention, donation and composting.

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    Food Recovery Summit:

    SERDC co-hosted the Food Recovery Summit with U.S. EPA, South Carolina DHEC, BioCycle and North Carolina DEQ. The event prompted some interesting and powerful dialogue. To view the presentations or the plenary sessions, click HERE.
    SERDC 120 & the Recycling Partnership: 

    The establishment of The Recycling Partnership, a public-private recycling initiative, resulting from the SERDC 120 efforts was announced in April of 2014. During the SERDC Summit, 3 of the chosen cities were recognized. 
    Click HERE to find out more.

    The Southeast is unique in its access to robust recycling markets.

    Check out SERDC's Resources including our mapping tool,
    links to state recycling sites, useful economic reports,
    informative market directories and waste exchanges, as well as materials from conferences and workshops.

    SERDC's 2016 Research will further the strong economic message of recycling in the Southeast. 

    SERDC continues to be published in industry journals as we strive to promote sustainable recycling in the Southeast. Check out our previous articles HERE.

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