The Recycling Partnership
On April 30th at the Walmart Sustainability Expo, SERDC and Curbside Value Partnership, CVP, were proud to announce The Recycling Partnership. SERDC is passing the ongoing management of the Recycling Partnership, a result of the SERDC 120 efforts, to the CVP. The Partnership is a public-private recycling partnership initiative. The Partnership will work to boost recycling rates in the southeastern part of the United States through outreach and infrastructure improvements. T
SERDC 120's Success
 On December 10-11, 2013 SERDC members and industry leaders convened at the Paper and Packaging Symposium in order to address critical issues in paper and packaging recovery. The outcome of the Symposium was SERDC 120, a group of companies, trade associations, and public entities. 
Convened by SERDC, the SERDC 120 partners collaborated in an intensive, 120-day process to explore best paths for increased recovery of quality recyclables in the Southeast. These partners agreed to engage in voluntary public-private partnerships to make strategic, one-time, leveraged investments that sustain higher levels of recovery through the adoption of proven best practices in municipal recycling program.

This 120-day process defined clear opportunities for public-private partnerships designed to boost recycling rates.             The group identified cities favorable for partnership, designed a prescription of work specific to each location,                    and designated timelines, budgets, and potential partnerships essential for that work’s success.  

Through the memorandum of understanding (MOU), interested companies and associations are pooling funds and 
coordinating work efforts. The outcome will result in recycling successes far stronger than individual investments alone.  Projects are expected to begin in July 2014 and continue through 2015 and beyond. 

In short, the SERDC 120 group answered the following key questions: 
What work and targeted activities will best increase recycling?
Where, when, at what price, and with what partners?

While ambitious, the work was organized, fast-paced, and engaged many of the leading packaging and recycling experts in the United States.The creation of the Recycling Partnership, a premier public-private partnership, conveys the success of SERDC 120. The Recycling Partnership is launching projects to increase recycling rates across the Southeast. While the effort is starting in the Southeast, there is the understanding that the process can, and hopefully will, be expanded
beyond the Southeast.  

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