(recorded november 20, 2019)

What has been happening since EPA’s first ever EPA Recycling Summit one year ago?

The November 2018 Recycling Summit brought together leaders from industry and all levels of government to discuss opportunities to advance and strengthen the domestic recycling industry and markets. Four action areas were identified to improve or advance a national approach to recycling: (1) education and outreach, (2) enhancing materials management infrastructure, (3) strengthening secondary materials markets, and (4) enhancing measurement. Workgroups have been active this past year on each of these areas. This webinar will provide an opportunity to hear from workgroup participants and leaders from the Southeast on each of the four action areas.

NOTE: During the webinar, several questions were asked.  View responses here.

Moderator: Barbara Alfano, US EPA, Region 4

Our Dynamic Webinar Speakers:

Overview of America Recycles

Nicole Villamizar-Chief of Materials Management Branch, US EPA

Nicole will present an overview of the Action Areas, America Recycles week events, and key links.

Action Area 1: Promote Education and Outreach

Richard Chesley- Manager, Office of Solid Reduction Waste and Recycling, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

DHEC's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling provides technical assistance as well as outreach and education to local governments, businesses, residents and others. Two key outreach initiatives will be discussed. RecycleRightSC was developed to reduce contamination in the state's recycling stream. Don't Waste Food SC was designed to reduce food waste through prevention, composting and donation. The goals, process, tools developed and more of both initiatives will be discussed.

Action Area 2: Enhance Materials Management Infrastructure

M. Gavin Adams- Chief, Materials Management Section, Alabama Department of Environmental Management

The Alabama Recycling Program housed in the ADEM Materials Management Section has been actively engaged in the enhancement of existing and formation of new recycling infrastructure since the program began in 2008. With a funding source provided through a surcharge on solid waste disposal in the state, the program operates a highly successful grants program, performs education and outreach encouraging wise resource use, and regulates recycling facilities to ensure environmentally compliant operations. Program personnel also support and participate on local, state and regional boards and commissions to advance recycling in the Southeast U.S and beyond. Infrastructure development is guided by a 2016 report from the Southeast Recycling Development Council (SERDC) which provided direction for both educational activities and grants fund investment.

Action Area 3: Strengthen Secondary Materials Markets

Nathan Wittstruck- Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Nathan will present a short overview of the Materials Market work over the last year, an update from the November 15, 2019 America Recycles meeting (relating to materials markets) and discuss EPA’s America Recycles progress report included in the National Recycling Framework document released during America Recycles week.

Action Area 4: Enhance Measurement

Larry Christley- Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

It has now been ten years since Region 4 moved to bring order to the chaos of our respective different data collection and sharing efforts. After years of hard work, the fruits of the labor are starting to pay off. Over 80 percent of the country is participating in sharing basic solid waste information in a consistent manner along with qualitative program data. Each year, more and more states join finding useful tools to help them make policy decisions. This presentation will share where we were, where we are, and what the next steps need to be.


Will Sagar- Executive Director, Southeast Recycling Development Council

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