(recorded July 16, 2020)

What Communities Need to do to Keep Recycling as an Essential Service

Calling all communities! You have an important role in supporting the manufacturing industry in making the products that we need every day.  City budgets are under pressure like never before, and elected officials and staff will be making difficult decisions about every single one of their programs and services. One essential service that we simply must continue is recycling.

The recyclables collected in communities across America are used to make the cardboard boxes and packages that we rely on for grocery items, and tissue and toweling. Over the past few months, paper mills have come dangerously close to losing enough feedstock to make their products. Our nation needs your help, ensuring the collection of essential recyclables used in the manufacturing industry. The recycling manufactures essential products, provides over a half a million jobs, and contributes $110 Billion to the U.S. Economy.

In this webinar, hear from speakers about the necessity of maintain our nation’s local recycling programs and steps to reduce program costs. The economic recovery depends on feedstock for manufacturing.

Moderated by: Will Sagar, SERDC


Michael McPherson- Intergovernmental Coordinator, Georgia Municipal Association

Kevin Leonard- Executive Director, North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

Lisa Skumatz- President, Skumatz Economic Research Associates

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