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The Southeast Recycling Development Council (SERDC) is a regional organization, headquartered in the Southeast U.S. SERDC works to unite industry, government, and non-government organizations to promote sustainable recycling in the Southeast. Our territory includes the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Membership is comprised of a diverse array of industry, municipal and governmental representatives committed to improving material capture in both quantity and quality which will lead to a strengthening of local economies through recycling.

SERDC is proud to be able to offer various support services to our members, partners, and communities throughout the Southeast through contracts, grant agreements, memorandums of understanding or other similar agreements. Our services span a wide array of offerings. In addition, SERDC can combine any of the offerings in this suite of services into a consolidated service package that helps to meet the needs of our government and NGO members as well as corporate members.

For questions on any of these services or to discuss the opportunities to partner, feel free to contact our staff or email us at

  • Mapping Services

SERDC can develop state and regional mapping tools for the recycling industry. SERDC has expertise in the development and implementation of these tools having worked with organizations to map components of the industry. Some of SERDC’s past mapping projects have included:

    • End Users of Recovered Materials in the Southeast
    • MRFs: identifying state and private recycling programs
    • MRF-sheds: Hub and Spoke Planning/Material Flow/Transport Planning 

  • Surveys of the Recycling Industry

SERDC can develop and conduct surveys of the recycling industry, local and regional recycling programs, or end users in your state, region, or jurisdiction.  Past surveys have been conducted by SERDC for state, regional and local government programs as well as private material recovery facilities or manufacturers that use recycled content materials.

  • Economic Impact Studies of Recycling

SERDC is pleased to be able to offer studies of the economic impacts of recycling on a state and regional level. SERDC is supported by the College of Charleston, IMPLAN and is recognized by the academic community. SERDC will assess the direct and indirect financial impacts on the region of recovering materials from the waste stream and integrating those materials back into manufacturing uses. SERDC has participated in such studies for the states of Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee and can offer similar studies for your state or region. 

  • Program Evaluation

SERDC can offer detailed evaluations of community, corporate, state or regional programs that support recycling. SERDC can help you evaluate collection systems, outreach campaigns and promotional efforts, material recovery operations, contamination issues, funding programs, grant programs and projects, state regulatory frameworks, reporting mechanisms or a consolidated evaluation of all or part of these program components.

  • Webinar Hosting and Content Creation

SERDC can offer tailored webinars for your organization to address key training or communication needs.  SERDC can assist you, your client or third party in developing the content for the webinar.  

  • Workshops

SERDC has developed expertise in the design and development of numerous types of workshops beneficial to both industry and government.  SERDC has worked with organizations to develop these face-to-face encounters that bring experts in the material recovery industry into communities and states for these group sharing opportunities.  Some of the workshop projects and models that SERDC can offer includes the following: 

  • Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the Industry

  •  Collection System Workshops (e.g. Pay-As-You-Throw, Single Stream vs. Dual Stream, etc.)

  •  Strategies to address Contamination

  •  Public Outreach and Education

  • Production of Conferences, Summits, Symposiums and Other Large Forums

SERDC can operate on a larger scale with the development and sponsorship of state and regional conferences. Producing a conference involves a lot of moving parts, including venue contracts, registration, marketing and other essential components to make an event successful. SERDC has a growing list of successful events that provide a glimpse of our abilities in offering a conference and/or summit that can meet your organization’s needs. Some of these conferences and meetings include the following:

    • ·Food Recovery Summit – Charleston, SC
    • ·Paper and Packaging Symposium – Atlanta, GA
    • ·Measurement Matters Conference - Chattanooga, TN, 

  • Meeting Facilitation

SERDC can facilitate and/or moderate your Board or committee meeting. Whether it’s a Board Development retreat, a committee project, or a meeting to arbitrate or negotiate key issues for a recycling organization, SERDC’s staff can pair a deep understanding of the issues for recycling organizations with professional facilitation skills. When your recycling organization needs an independent facilitator, SERDC can provide the outside support needed to accommodate the needs of your meeting.

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