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SERDC continues to focus its efforts on its core mission to unite government, industry, and NGO to promote sustainable recycling in the Southeast. Look for coming announcements later this year about SERDC’s work to improve access and participation for recycling as well as our ongoing research into the strong economic impact recycling is driving in the Southeast.

SERDC Position Statements

Degradable Additives to Plastic Packaging

SERDC Issues Position Statement on Degradable Additives to Plastic Packaging 

The Southeast Recycling Development Council (SERDC) opposes the use of degradable additives in plastic packaging. 
Click here to view the statement.

Study on the Effects of Degradable Plastic on Recycled Feedstocks
- NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  Click here to view the NCDENR Study.

Alabama Passes Bill Supported by SERDC and APR - The Alabama legislature passed a bill requiring plastic containers that claim degradability to also be labeled "Do Not Recycle." Now consumers can make informed choices about how to handle their containers upon discard. Alabama is a national leader in plastic recycling. The largest HDPE plastic bottle recycler in the world calls Alabama home. Bill sponsor, Representative Alan Boothe (Troy) said, "This bill is not only about protecting the consumer , it's about protecting and creating jobs." 


SERDC Board Member, Scott Mouw, in Resource Recycling.
Scott Mouw along with colleagues Rob Taylor and Joe Fitzpatrick published an article discussing the success in program participation and quality recovery of recyclables in North Carolina, highlighting that 80% of NC communities have transitioned from open bins to rollcarts. 

SERDC is excited to be featured in Recycling Today.
Program Manager, Elizabeth Jackson, contributed an article explaining the various types of degradable plastics, the effects on the recycling industry, and the actions being taken. 

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