The Recycling Partnership Growth Forecast Promising for 2018

13 Apr 2018 1:16 PM | Jen Dabbs (Administrator)
Posted April 13, 2018 on

The Recycling Partnership has helped generate $29 million in total infrastructure investment since 2014, according to the national nonprofit's latest annual report. This is made possible by corporate backers that spur matching government grants for local projects. The goal is to reach $33 million by the end of 2018.

During 2017, the nonprofit helped place 182,000 curbside recycling carts across the country, bringing its collective total up to 407,000. Through 2017, The Recycling Partnership had reached 29 million households and worked with 583 communities. According to a recent press release, the figures are already higher based on recent activity.

The goal is to move those tallies up to 500,000 carts, 40 million households and 750 communities this year. New backing from ExxonMobil (with a $1.5 million commitment), plus Amazon, Starbucks, Sappi North America and International Paper can be expected to help fuel these efforts.

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