SERDC hosting Curbside Recycling Success Stories Webinar on Sept. 27

06 Sep 2018 9:03 PM | Jen Dabbs (Administrator)

SERDC is pleased to offer this unique webinar with three experts who will provide information on successful programs for ensuring high quality curbside recyclables collection. They will share their tricks for improving material quality, and offer insight into what works – and doesn’t work, in residential single stream curbside recycling programs.

This forward-looking webinar will include tips from experts, and tactics for successful recycling in 2018. Join us Thursday September 27 at 1 pm ET for a one-hour deep dive into successful recycling in our high-stakes, no-contamination world of recycling and come away with tools for success in your community.  The webinar will be moderated by Susan Robinson, Federal Public Affairs Director of Waste Management.

Michelle Metzler is Waste Management’s Public Outreach Manager in the Pacific Northwest. For over a decade, Michelle has been working directly with customers, providing information to ensure customer know how to recycle right. Michelle currently leads a team of professionals and interns who have been able to keep inbound contamination in programs in the Pacific Northwest under 10%. Learn how these Best Practices work, and ask questions of Michelle about their successful programs; 

Bob Cappadona is Vice President at Casella Recycling, and has been in the trenches for over twenty-five years, working with communities in the Northeastern U.S. Bob has been actively engaged with cities in the greater New England area implementing programs to improve the material quality collected for recycling. We’ll get insight from Bob about some of the successes in driving contamination reduction out of municipal programs – and what it takes to make these improvements. 

Chris Coady is Technical Assistance Specialist at The Recycling Partnership, working directly with communities across the country to implement and improve the quality of residential recycling programs. With over a decade of experience serving communities and MRF operations, Chris is focused on the technical aspects of ensuring successful programs. Chris will offer specific examples of success – and tactics for implementing them in your community.

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