Recycling Infrastructure Grant Program

Accepting applications for next award round

The Southeast Recycling Development Council (SERDC) will offer funding to deliver needed recycling infrastructure in the Southeast through the launch of a recycling infrastructure grant program. Investment in physical infrastructure, such as recycling carts, material recovery facility (MRF) upgrades, recycling trucks or transfer stations to unlock investments in curbside recycling infrastructure, are key to dramatically increasing material recovery - connecting material generation with hungry end markets in the southeast and helping to close the loop for packaging.

With the Coca-Cola Foundation’s generous support and in collaboration with The Recycling Partnership, communities in selected Southeastern communities will be able to easily recycle all of their packaging materials at home, building stronger and more sustainable communities.

The programs, implemented over the next two years, will make measurable improvements and catalyze investments in recycling infrastructure through the following work plan:

1. Identify Program Partners

2. Deliver Recycling Infrastructure and Technical Assistance:

3. Share Successes

Recipients must:
1. Commit to adopting best management practices that increase participation and reduce contamination,

2. Create and maintain monthly a Municipal Measurement Program, MMP, (Re-TRAC Connect) account for two years,

3. MMP data will be shared with SERDC,

4. Commit to an outreach plan coordinated with The Recycling Partnership,

5. Imbed Radio frequency identification tags (RFID) on all carts purchased through the grant program,

6. Demonstrate commitment for ongoing recycling support,

7. Complete the funded project within 18 months of the date of the grant agreement execution,

8. Prepare a final report upon project completion, and

9. Include SERDC branding on outreach materials.

Download grant form application

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