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Recorded APRIL-oct 2022

SERDC Webinar Series: Recycling National Strategy Webinar Series

The 2022 Webinar Series, hosted by SERDC targetED the National Recycling Strategy’s five strategic objectives and showcaseD best practices and evolving initiatives.

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Recorded May-oct 2021

SERDC Webinar Series: Recycling Revisited

As the country looks to a new normal, industries will take stock of impacts to move collection and production forward. SERDC is pleased to announce Recycling Revisited, a five-part webinar series to bring forth awareness for the Southeast and beyond about how these adaptations are going to change collection, processing and manufacturing of feedstock.

Through the generous support of ISRI and MACHINEX, the webinars are posted to the serdc.org website. 

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Recorded July 16, 2020

What Communities Need to do to Keep Recycling as an
Essential Service

In this webinar, hear from speakers about the necessity of maintain our nation’s local recycling programs and steps to reduce program costs. The economic
recovery depends on feedstock for manufacturing.

Recorded April 16, 2020

Watch: The Recycling Industry and the Supply Chain During a Pandemic

On this webinar, hear manufacturers talk about their efforts. Our speakers will also talk about how we can use this opportunity to connect the dots for consumers between placing clean recyclables into their recycling bins and the impact on the supply chain for basic goods and emergency supplies.

Recorded NOVEMBER 20, 2019 

Watch: Advancing Recycling: EPA's Workgroup Update


The November 2018 Recycling Summit brought together leaders from industry and all levels of government to discuss opportunities to advance and strengthen the domestic recycling industry and markets. Four action areas were identified to improve or advance a national approach to recycling: (1) education and outreach, (2) enhancing materials management infrastructure, (3) strengthening secondary materials markets, and (4) enhancing measurement. Workgroups have been active this past year on each of these areas. This webinar will provide an opportunity to hear from workgroup participants and leaders from the Southeast on each of the four action areas.

recorded September 27, 2018

Watch: Curbside Recycling Success Stories

SERDC is pleased to offer this unique webinar with three experts who provided information on successful programs for ensuring high quality curbside recyclables collection.

  • Improving material quality 
  • what works – and doesn’t work

The webinar was moderated by Susan Robinson, Federal Public Affairs Director of Waste Management.  Presenters -- Michelle Metzler is Waste Management’s Public Outreach Manager in the Pacific Northwest, Bob Cappadona is Vice President at Casella Recycling and Scott Mouw is the Senior Director of Technical Assistance at The Recycling Partnership.

Learn how to use the Solid Waste Funding and Accounting Guide and hear real-world experiences from Rutherford County, NC.

Learn how to use the Recycling Program Scenario Model and hear real-world experiences from Macon-Bibb County, GA.

Recorded April 20, 2017

Watch: Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Explained

Unit-based pricing, also known as pay-as-you-throw, offers the most effective means to reduce waste and increase recycling–even in cities and towns that have taken other steps to cut their trash, such as single-stream recycling, automated carts, collection of additional materials, and education and outreach. 

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