November 12, 2018, 1 pm - 4:00 pm

During the SERDC Summit in Charleston, SC.
Making the Case for Recycling Trainer Workshop

Recycling has changed dramatically from the revenue-based systems of the past decade. In the face of market uncertainties, recycling program managers are faced with questions and program considerations from various stakeholders from elected officials to finance departments. EPA Region IV offers a half-day interactive workshop about how to best make the case for recycling featuring robust tools to help answer these questions.

There are a myriad of drivers for community recycling programs, including:

  • Environmental
  • Resource Conservation
  • Economic – (investment, job creation, selling recycling commodities for revenues)
  • Preserving landfill space
  • Community Expectation
  • Political Expectation
  • Technological Advances (source separated to single stream)

Regardless of the drivers behind specific community recycling efforts, recycling is a widely accepted and publicly supported initiative that is non-partisan and well-established as a cultural norm. Public recycling programs vary on a wide spectrum, depending on community support and available recycling infrastructure and end-markets. What works well in one community, may not work well in another. Public recycling programs require updated analysis to meet these ever-changing circumstances this workshop will provide tools to help managers to analyze their programs efficiently to maintain or expand recycling in their communities.

This half-day workshop empowers state and local governments, solid waste directors, recycling organization representatives and others to gain the knowledge to implement and train others to introduce concepts and tools in their local communities.


  • Deeper knowledge of consensus building and considerations for recycling program changes.
  • Make the case for recycling trainer toolkit
  • Ability to train others in your local community regarding recycling measurement
  • Trainer recognition certificate

Cost: Through October 10, the fee is waived when you choose "on scholarship" during registration) (after October 10--$25) 
(Summit Registration also required)

*Scholarships available contact

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