State Recycling Market Directories

Looking for an end market for a specific commodity? The following list is a compilation of specific state recycling market directories. Each state has its own method of tracking recycling market participants. Thus, each directory will differ from the last. A majority of the directories included in this section are comprised mostly of end users and sortable by commodity. However, some of the recycling directories include a mix of collectors, processors and end users. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, consider contacting the state recycling coordinator for more information about specific recycling market participants.


Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc.


Arkansas Branch Market Development Directory


Florida Recycling Product Directory

Florida Permitted Waste Tire Processors



Georgia Recycling Market Directory



Kentucky Recycling Market Opportunities



Louisiana Recycling Directory



Mississippi Recycling Directory


North Carolina

North Carolina P2Pays Directory


South Carolina

Index of Waste Minimization Resources

South Carolina Business Services Recycling Directory



Tennessee Recycling Market Directory



Virginia MACREDO Recycling Market Directory

Virginia Recycling Market Business Directory

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